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(Millennium Limited Edition "Les Paul sized" guitars are sometimes referred to as a "Heritage Millie")

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Have you ever felt something made of the softest silk?
That's what it's like to play this guitar.

Made With Pride In 
Kalamazoo, Michigan   USA


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You could be just another face in the music crowd and play what everyone else plays 
one of those mass-produced "custom" guitars bought off the shelf
or you may even play a guitar where computer-controlled lasers  have replaced humans 
(with proud job-cutting smiles from the bosses)

You could be privileged enough to play a Heritage guitar where, like a high end Martin
each guitar is essentially hand crafted
(read real "custom shop") by master luthiers 
in one of the oldest original stringed-instrument factories in the Western Hemisphere.
(likely second only to Martin Guitar): 
225 Parsons Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan.

CLICK TO SEE MORE ABOUT WOODY'S Martin D45kLeft:  Woody playing his Martin D-45k at a Franktown, Colorado Gospel bluegrass gathering.

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These instruments may be a bit more expensive than your 
average name-brand computer-created cookie-cutter "custom" guitar 
but aren't you worth it?

Consider that, with a few exceptions, the larger mass-retailers
will commonly list guitars in their catalogs from companies 
that are set up to mass-produce items.

Rarely will you see a Heritage or Martin D45 listed in the printed catalogs of these retailers.
(In April 2011 Guitar Center did run an ad that included the Martin D50 koa... how cool)
You will most often see the common over-the-counter Fender, Epiphone, or Gibson.


A manufacturer that can build large numbers of instruments infers 
you may be sacrificing the uniqueness and quality of what you are playing. 

The margin of profit is better selling mass-produced assembly-line instruments 
compared to one hand made unit such as a high end instrument.

Consider the handcrafted uniqueness of these high end guitars against the computer or assembly-line created instruments made by many big-box companies.


to read my comments 

(scroll down to the part titled Dating My Fender Jazz Bass) 
about the lack-of-uniqueness and less-than-special feeling
on my Fender American Deluxe 5-string Jazz bass page

Heritage does not do much advertising but, then, 
neither does James Bond's (007) 
car company 
(or Bentley or Ferrari or Jaguar or ...).
007 stands next to his Aston-Martin

Life is full of choices and I chose to sell off 
my Gibson EDS-1275 and Fender Strat 
to settle on this one fantastic instrument.
No regrets

Heritage guitars are commonly built using hand-picked Michigan Curly Maple (CM) exotic woods.

In 1984 a major guitar manufacturer left the city of it's birth
and moved their business from Kalamazoo, Michigan to Nashville, Tennessee.
Some of the original craftsmen stayed right  in the same 1917-era building 
at 225 Parsons Street and continued building hand-made "custom shop quality" guitars.
A significant collection of the original guitar-making equipment was bought 
by those luthiers from that company when it moved away. 
Most of those vintage tools are still in use today.

Those guitars, known as
The Heritage of Kalamazoo, are some of the best in the business.
Heritage employs, trains and mentors some of the finest luthiers anywhere.

Click on the picture above to see the outfit
that chucked off it's hometown for the glitter of the big city

Having had the unique ability to be tutored by some of the most seasoned guitar professionals anywhere in North America, 
the master luthiers now at Heritage have become some of the best in the industry.

The founders of Heritage, some with well over 50 years of guitar-making experience, continue to grow the Heritage luthiers as few others could ever do
My Gibson Les Paul Recording dates to 1973 and was built in this same Kalamazoo factory.
I no longer own any Gibson guitars 
built in Tennessee or Montana.
Fitting the neck to the body Katie Flamm typically spends an hour to an hour and a half on each guitar, smoothing out rough edges and rounding it into shape, all by hand

For those that say Heritage is a knock-off of the original,
I would say: 
"Child, you've got it backwards."

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 Woody's "Chestnut Sunburst" Heritage Millennium Limited Edition  
with an original hard shell case and 
a USA-made Bigsby B5 vibrato
(tremolo) bar

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This guitar, sequence number 003, was the first of the 
Heritage Millennium Limited Edition series 
produced for general sale (2000-2001).
According to Jay Wolfe of Wolfe Guitars in April, 2010 - the original music store that sold this instrument - 
Heritage had told him that guitars sequence numbered 001 and 002 were pre-production prototypes and were never sold. 
Although unconfirmed, it appears that Jay may have these two prototypes as I did not see them in the Heritage prototype room.
Can anyone help confirm that?

SN:   Q31403     The third guitar built on Monday February 21, 2000
SN Q31403   Q = 2000
366-314=52nd day of 2000 (Leap Year = Feb 21, 2000)
03=The third guitar completed on this date

BELOW LEFT: Inside guitar reads: "Millennium Ltd Edit CNSB - First regular production model"
CNSB = "Chestnut Sunburst"

  Guitar originally sent to Wolfe Guitars in Jupiter, Florida for sale Original hangtag for the Heritage Millennium Limited Edition guitar
ABOVE RIGHT: The guitar was originally offered for sale by 
Heritage dealer Wolfe Guitars in Jupiter, Florida  (Wolfe's current Heritage inventory).
Apparently the two original Limited Edition "prototypes" 
may be in Jay Wolfe's private collection.
Is anyone able to confirm that?

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Above left: Documentation for the 2000 Millennium Limited Edition
Above right: Documentation for the 2001 Millennium Limited Edition

Gibson has also offered a similar setup over the years

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Do you have a picture of you with your Heritage Millennium Limited Edition guitar that you can email me? 
Do you know of someone that has one? Ask them to
email me.
Also - if you have one - what number in the series is it, what year (Q or P) and where do you live?

Below: In late February, 2000 Heritage craftsman (Russell) 
displays handiwork on a newly completed 
Heritage Millennium Limited Edition (2000) guitar

Below: After the 2010 PSP3 Woody admired a brand new 
Heritage Millennium Ultra STD series
Construction of the current Ultra STD model maps almost exactly to the Millie
and is highly recommended.
Some lucky buyer was certainly smiling ear-to-ear when this one was taken home.

After PSP3 (August 2010) Woody admires a newly constructed 2010 Heritage Millennium guitar  

Woody's wife (Lorelei) with Ren outside the Heritage factory - August 2010
Visitors to the Heritage factory look over Woody's guitar as he prepares to head home to Colorado
Above Left: Woody's wife, Lorelei, with Ren outside the Heritage factory
Above Right:
Visitors to the Heritage factory look over Woody's guitar as he prepared to head home to Colorado.
The guitar on the left is an early prototype Heritage SN "P"  Heritage - When "Good Enough"  Isn't

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Wolfgang Muthspiel - Improve, Jazz
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Heritage Guitars on YouTube
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