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Woody's 2012 Fender American Deluxe V 
5-string Jazz bass page
Equipped with a Roland GK3b synthesizer pickup

The serial number and neck information both show that this is a 2012 US-made 
Fender American Deluxe Five-String Jazz Bass
that is dressed out after a Fender Custom Shop
Time Machine Series
American Vintage 1962 Fender Jazz Bass.
Although they didn't actually make a 5-string JBass in 1962, I liked the look.
Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass V

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ABOVE:  21 March, 2016
at Fender Customer Service (+1.800.856.9801 Option 3) stated records show the guitar was first shipped to a dealer during December, 2012
    BELOW: The Fender Part Number for the pre-amp board is
and may be available from a dealer such as  or

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The serial number (US12.....) indicates that this is a 2012 bass. 
In my case, the neck serial number and the actual date stamp both confirm the unit was constructed during 2012.
On the base of the neck it reads the date of November 29, 2012.
On the body in the neck cavity, a green-ink "Nov" is visible (rest of date is illegible)
It's interesting that the neck is boldly stamped 2010.
I wonder if it was carved in 2010 and waited two years for the wood to settle before being actually used?

Fender also buys assorted piece parts (volume, tone controls, wire, etc) in bulk.
I have been unable to determine any valid dating from the volume controls (POT CODES) as we could do on older instruments.

For years I had used GHS Precision Flatwound M3050 strings on my 4-string PBass.

In 2011, I tried a set of Thomastik-Infeld (TI) Vienna JF345 strings
really expensive at us$80 from and, while these were okay, 
I did replace them and went back to the
GHS 5-string Precision Flatwound M3050-5 strings
us$37 off eBay.

This bass runs on two standard 9-volt batteries which are disconnected when nothing is plugged in to the 1/4 (stereo) phono jack along the bottom of the bass.

This equalizer features:
Treble Boost/Cut: +/- 10 db @ 8kHz, a shift in the cut frequency, 
and about a 2dB slope per octave.
Mid Boost/Cut: +10dB, -15dB @ 500Hz, and a wide band slope.
Bass Boost/Cut: +/- 12 db @ 40 Hz, with a 4dB slope per octave.

The tonally versatile active/passive electronics on this American Deluxe bass let you engage the onboard preamp with a simple flick of the switch near the control knobs. Passive mode delivers traditional clear and powerful punch, while active mode kicks the power up a notch and engages three-band active EQ (ideal for slap and funk). 



03/21/16 Replacement pre-amp boards are available at:

With state-of-the-art design and powerful sound, N3 Noiseless pickups supercharge sound by delivering the pure dynamic range and response of vintage Fender single-coil pickups with virtually no hum.

As a 2012-series guitar 
it uses the "Four Inline" style tuners on the top with the G-string tuner hanging out of the bottom..
I personally do not care for this look of the current "4+1" headstock design that began in 2002
but the guitar a great tool so I live with it.
The headstock features a special “stealth” string retainer on the A-string tuning machine, ensuring an optimal string break angle for improved performance.


THE FRETBOARD (Fingerboard)

The guitar use a dark-colored Rosewood with rich tone and sustain.

Bodies were offered by either Alder which is a combination of rich wood and good weight.




I prefer the string and bridge covers as I believe they enhance appearance while reducing skin-scrapes when playing. 
It adds diversity to the playing-style, as well, by allowing occasional use of a pick for some music styles 
while bracing the playing hand on the center string cover.

The 4-string bridge plate was not wide enough to fully cover the wider 5-string bridge pickup 
so I had to offset the cover slightly towards the bottom of the guitar.
This requires the bridge pickup to be slightly visible.
When the Roland GK3b synthesizer pickup was added I used a saber saw to trim out notches.

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Fender Manual - Deluxe Jazz Bass 5-string

Fender Manual - Deluxe Jazz Bass 4-string

US12_206880  2012 GC  02/23/16 950


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