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Woody's MeisterInstrumente "Lorelei" Guitar Page
In 2010, Artistic Lutheri Bruunari in the Netherlands had listed this German-made acoustic parlor guitar on eBay.
We won the auction and it was shipped to us here in the United States.
I have not been able to locate any information about what is apparently the manufacturer, MeisterInstrument.
It appears that the Model Name is "Lorelei"

We don't know much about this guitar and, if you have a guitar like this or information about it, please email Woody.

Inside the guitar is a sticker that indicates it was made in Germany.
Since it does not say East Germany or West Germany, we must suppose it either predates the splitting of the country at the end of World War 2 (8 May,1945) or after the remarriage (3 October, 1990). 
Judging from construction techniques, I would suppose that this guitar likely dates to about 1920. 
Although not a high quality guitar by today's standards, it bears the name of Lorelei so we had to add it to our collection.
It does not appear to have any serial number that we can find and, since we have no information about the manufacturer, it would probably wouldn't help much anyway.

Lorelei in 2003 with the Martin D42k-2 guitar in Orlando, Florida Woody and Lorelei at St. Goar, Germany across from the Rhine River's Lorelei Rock Inside the guitar is a sticker carrying the Lorelei name Sticker from Artistic Lutheri Bruunari of the Netherlands that is also inside the guitar
Lorelei with a Martin D42k2 koa acoustic guitar Woody and Lorelei at St. Goar, Germany with the Rhine River's Lorelei Rock behind

The bridge on this guitar is not original. I would like to find one of the original style to put back on it.
Noticing discoloration on the top, it appears that there was originally a tailpiece bridge.
If you know of a source of an original German-made tailpiece that might fit this guitar, please email Woody.

Try clicking on a picture to enlarge it for a closer view

Try clicking on a picture to enlarge it for a closer view

The tonewood used in the construction of this guitar are not of high quality. 
The intonation it produces is somewhat like that might come out of a cardboard box.
String action is not great and it struggles to stay in tune. 
The octaves are not extremely accurate.
But -- it is a fun little guitar to just pick up and strum. 


From the Internet ad posting from the store where I had bought it

Small German steel string Lorelei, +/- 1960   (Woody disagrees with this presumption based on factors cited above)

A not too bad sounding but bad looking small steel string. OK I do have more experience with nylon string classical- and flamenco guitars but I really do like this little wooden box. I did some repairs and adjustment to it, cleaned it and put my favorite metal strings on it. It plays easy and has a bright sound and good sustain. Chords do sound OK and finger picking is possible. To my opinion this is a real bluesy guitar. With a stick on microphone you can do miracles with this instrument. I do offer this expressive guitar with lots of volume (if you want to) for a low price. Just buy now it and you will have an unusual German steel string guitar.

Do you have a photo of you with your Lorelei guitar?
Do you have any information about the manufacturer or this model?
CLICK HERE it to email me (Woody).


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